Black Metal photo nostalgia - Pt. 14

(Mystic Circle, Satanic Slaughter, Mayhemic Truth, Cradle 
of filth, Frost + Fenriz, Secrets of the moon, Rotting Christ)

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Mayhemic Truth - Stetten (Germany), May 25, 1995:


Cradle of filth - Gammelsdorf (Germany), January 14, 1994:


Fenriz and Frost in Oslo, July 13, 2001 doing a beer test for a print-magazine (which ... you may have guessed.. 
doesn't excist anymore meanwhile)... and yeah, our Claudia did the photos back then... here are those "leftovers"
 which were not published back then... before they rott unseen, here are they for you:


Mystic Circle - Nürnberg (Germany), October 2, 1997:


Mystic Circle - Engelsdorf (Germany), October 10, 1998:


Secrets of the moon - Ulm (Germany), October 3, 1997:


Rotting Christ - Gammelsdorf (Germany), December 26, 1993:


Satanic Slaughter - Engelsdorf (Germany), April 12, 1998:


Satanic Slaughter - Gransee (Germany), June 25/26, 1999:

Satanic Slaughter fan and support during this gig > Tyrant of Nifelheim:


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