a joyful day in the Helion Studios/ August 2006

photo-report by Twilightheart

The Germans, especially the Bavarians, might know the Helion Studios in Munich ( www.helionstudios.com ) from recordings for some Pagan- or Black Metal bands such as Equilibrium, Sycronomica or Helfahrt. So, as Sycronomica were just finishing their new album "Gate" in August 2006, I thought I`m gonna pay the guys a visit in the studio, which is situated in the romantic area beside the Nymphenburger castle. Beside serious working I also witnessed some serious fun there... and this I´ll share with you now. ;-)

Nice ambience within the rooms:

Master of equipment:

The screen in the recording room:

Disturbing Gaby Koss during her rehearsings, she`s the voice behind 
intros on albums from Equilibrium, Helfahrt etc. ( www.gabykoss.com )

Wires and cables everywhere:

Even in the kitchen you find computers and guitars:

Staff: the Sheriff and his employee (René of Equilibrium):

Max of Sycronomica playing the bass one last time in the studio, before "Gate" gets released:
 > look at his left hand, he has 8 fingers on it ;-)

Olli of Sycronomica singing vocals one last time before the release of "Gate"/
> maybe without the sun-glasses it might work better? ;-)

See! Now there`s evil growling! ;-)

Listening to "Gate" and discussing about the result:

Funny outtakes in and outside the studio:



Dreaming of being able to play the guitar like a professional:

The menu says "Tuesday is slaughterday"... if that ain`t "trve kvlt"?! ;-)

Olli and René .... let the children have fun! ;-)


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