Cannibal Corpse, Prostitute Disfigurement, Aeon
Musikzentrum, Hannover – April 26th, 2006

(report/translation + photos: Wiebke)

Confusion was in my face after I had got different information about the beginning of this concert. So I decided to take the middle of the times and arrive quarter to eight at the location. At the parking space you can hear Death Metal sounds coming out of several open car trunks and some empty beer bottles are rolling around. I meet some friends in front of the entrance and after a few words I walk into the hall where the first band starts at point eight o´clock.
Well, I don´t enjoy Aeon very much because in my opinion they sound too monotonous. There are no variations in the velocity. Everything is on the same fast level. Vocalist Tommy Dahlströhm screams most of the time and just interrupts this with some grunts from time to time. And the bass player and one of the guitar players are doing some backing vocals.


To be fair I have to say that the musicians are giving their best and that they are acting very professional. And there are a lot of loyal fans who are rocking in the first row and banging their heads, also giving a lot of applause between the songs. The announcements are some words like “thank you” or the title of the next song only. So the 30 minutes gig time is used perfectly and the fans get many Death Metal tracks. 


Setlist: Soulburner – Doorknocker – Biblewhore – With Blood They Pay – Forever Nailed – Bleeding The False – Hell Unleashed – Return Of Apalluon 

In my opinion Prostitute Disfigurement are much better although this is not the most innovative band either. Their version of Death Metal sounds groovy and it is played with a slower velocity. Nevertheless they are able to play very fast for example at the song “Freaking On The Mutilated”. There have been also played some guitar solos at which the guitar player looked like he was lapsed into another world. 


The vocalist of this band from the Netherlands is giving everything. And his grunts are damn deep-pitched! That sounds really great. So the audience gets a mixture that has an effect like a bullet. The people in the first two rows are headbanging like hell and behind them there is a pit where people are thrown out like being shot with a catapult. So you have to watch out if you don´t want to get a kick or something. Beside that some stagedivers enter the stage and shake their heads next to the musicians to get some attention before jumping back into the audience. I pay most attention to the bass player who has very long hair. His hair gets often between the strings of his instrument so he has to take it out after every song. This must be an unpleasant procedure.


Setlist: Body To Ravage – Insides To Expose – Postmortal Devirginized – Left In Grisly Fashion – Disembowled – Bluedrum Torso – The Corpse Garden – Victims Of The Absurd – She´s Not Coming Home Tonight – Bloodlust Redemption – Freaking On The Mutilated

The temperature has got very tropical now and the sweat runs off your face and oozes away in your clothes. Unimportant. The musicians seem to be very motivated and start off with “The Time To Kill Is Now” from the new album “Kill”. And you realize that there won´t be any prisoners made tonight because this song is a killer. And now you can see that there are many die hard Cannibal Corpse fans because you are able to see a lot of people on the balcony who are headbanging and the mosh pit is very impressive, too. But the wildest man in this venue is Mr. Corpsegrinder himself! If he is not grunting in the worst pitches he shakes his hair like a propeller. And you get feared that he could loose his head. 


“Fucked With A Knife” gets enthusiastic resonances until a double pack is played with “Covered With Sores” and “Born In Casket”. One culmination of this set is definitely “Make Them Suffer”. The song is a perfect headbanging song and easy to listen to. And it has a great chorus – if you might say it like this – which you MUST grunt at with George in a duet. One fan gets very crazy: He climbs on his friend´s shoulders and shows his naked nipples. Another friend tells me that this is a way men show their sympathy. No comment. :-)


It is still getting warmer which is a huge problem for the musicians. The crew tries to solve that problem with putting some ventilators on stage. But I doubt that that little ones have a positive effect. So the stage acting is reduced a little more so that the musicians just bang their heads from time to time except George who still gives everything. But that is a less important thing because Cannibal Corpse create a massive sound wall. For the next song George wishes to see a special pit. Well, he gets no “Pit Of Zombies” because the fans are very lively. But this makes him smile either and the crowd gets a “thumb up”. “Hammer Smashed Face” is performed as second last song which has been asked for since the first songs. After the last one the audience yells for more but the lights get on and only Alex Webster is still standing on stage and hand shaking with the fans.


Well, it was damned hot but a concert of Cannibal Corpse is an experience. The band didn´t change its way just because some people with a strange moral thought that would be better. Although the songs are all a little similar it doesn´t get boring.

Setlist: The Time To Kill Is Now – Disfigured – Death Walking Terror – Fucked With A Knife – Covered With Sores/Born In Casket – The Wretched Spawn – I Will Kill You – Decency Defied – Unleashing The Bloodthirsty – Make Them Suffer – Murder Worship – Dormant Bodies Bursting – Pit Of Zombies – Five Nails Through The Neck – Devoured By Vermin – Hammer Smashed Face/Stripped, Raped, And Strangled

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