another visit in the Helion Studios, Munich/ October 2007

photo-report by Twilightheart

After Sheol-Magazine has already visited the Helion Studios in Munich ( ) in August 2006 during the recordings for the new Sycronomica album, this time Twilightheart was invited to have a listen to the new recording of Death-Metal newcomer band "Sheephead" (innovative & melodic Death-Metal with a little Thrash- touch). By listening I realized that with the highest-level- recording-quality that the Helion Studios are known for it should indeed work out to find a record-label for the new album soon. Furthermore the boss of the studios, just called the Sheriff, was excited about the abilities of the band, as they needed only very few takes during the recordings. Looks like the boys have a great potential which just needs to be developed.

Vocalist Benjamin misusing the microphone:


Josef on the strings getting supported by the Sheriff himself:


Paddy on guitar:

Felix on the bass, with Helion staff:


The boss insisted on a final photo with the whole band and the Helion guys:

If you're curious, check the band out at:  or


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