recording in the Helion Studios

photo-report by Twilightheart and the studio crew

Riger, one of Germany's best Heathen Metal bands, were hitting the Helion Studios in Munich/ Germany in August 2008 to record their new album. Sheol-Magazine is giving you a little insight into the recordings to make you curious and to let you know that the guys are working hard on a new piece of outstanding music! (Scroll down!)

Days 1 to 3 > Drums and bass are being recorded:

Drum recordings with new drummer Tom:       




Bass recordings with Janko:



Days 4 to 10 > vocals and guitars are being recorded:

Christoph is warming up for the guitar recordings:


First vocal attempts with Ingo Tauer:



Nicola is warming up for the guitar recordings:

Recording some guitar lines:


Drum lines are being cut on the computer:


The band is listening to the first results:


If you're curious, check Riger out at: 



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