Interview with Henri & Ville Sorvali/ July 30, 2005 

questions by Twilightheart

This interview was recorded at the Metal Bash Open Air in Germany, end of July 2005, with “Trollhorn” and Ville joining later. 

H = Henri Sorvali aka. Trollhorn
V = Ville Sorvali
T = Twilightheart

T > Could you have a look at the festival site already ? How do you like such little festivals?

H > I like it. It´s all underground but everything works fine. They have this underground-like attitude, but they run this like professionals. And that`s always a good plus. So I like this festival already.

T > By the way, what was the BIGGEST festival you played in your life so far?

H > Well, I played with Finntroll in Wacken, but with Moonsorrow I actually don´t know, because they`ve been to some gigs where I haven´t played with Moonsorrow. But these guys … I think they were in Croatia at a big event, and there were like millions of people, it was a big Metal festival. I wasn´t there, so I really don´t know about it.

T > I heared you were invited to play a gig with Finntroll yesterday, but you had to cancel to be able to play here today. 

H > No, the thing with Finntroll is that they are doing so much, gigs and tours and so on, and I don´t have the time to do that. So whenever Moonsorrow has a gig, as this is my main band, then I have to chose that at the first. 

(Ville joining the place….)

T > Let´s talk a bit about your last album, even if it´s not so totally brand new anymore. I wonder how you could do such a great job with it another time, as the last album was already almost perfect. So where do you take all the energy and spirit from to write such fantastic albums?

H > First of all: thank you. And second: I don´t know. We just do music. We do the music that we love to do. And that can be heared on the album.

T > We in Germany of course can`t understand the Moonsorrow lyrics, as we don´t understand Finnish, of course. So what are the lyrics mainly about?

H > (to Ville) Here is when YOU step in!

V > What are the lyrics about? It´s just all kind of pagan themes or paganism stuff. If there is a concept, THAT`s the concept.

T > Themes of battles or the past or what?

V > Yeah, I used to do that as well. I tried. Some things connected with history, but it´s more like what things are going on in a pagan’s mind.

T > I don`t know much about the Finnish Metal scene, but is there any Finnish band that is comparable to Moonsorrow?

H > I don`t think there are any bands that sound like us in Finland, as far as I know.

T > How is the Metal scene in general in Finland? What`s the trend at the moment?

H > There is a very good and breathing Death Metal scene in Finland. But the newest trends … I don`t know… the younger people they love folk Metal and the older people they love thrash. We appeal on the youngsters.

V > The newest thrend is whatever music sung in FINNISH.

H > Yeah, that`s true. Bullshit music with Finnish lyrics.

T > Why do you think is it like that? As an anti-trend to the English?

V > Well, I guess you can actually write Metal with Finnish lyrics, be it good or bad, and people just caught up with it. It appeals to people`s sense of the moment.

H > It´s like in Germany. You have so many bands singing in German language.

V> Maybe it should be like that because everyone`s mother tongue is something you apprechiate.

T > If you could chose one band to go on tour with, who would it be?

V > Then they would be good friends.

T > By the way, you`re friends with Jonne of Korpiklaani.

H > Yeah.

T > How did you meet each other back in time? 

H > I have no idea actually. I think Jonne came to me and I was drunk. I really don´t know.
V > Yeah, it happens in that music circels…
H > Yeah, you meet in a bar and you´re drunk…
V > You just meet people in bars and you meet new people at the backstages and things like that. It´s not that we actually KNOW most of these people. In the Metal scene everyone knows everyone.
H > Especially if you come from Helsinki area. Those circels are very small.
V > There´s one or two bars where the people gather.
T > I only heared of “Tavastia” once.
V > That`s a club for live music, that`s not a bar.

T > Sorry for asking, but did you ever (or do you still) see Korpiklaani as a clone of Finntroll? Or did you never think so?

H > Well, there has been a discussion about it, and all that we admitted was that when Jonne played in Finntroll sometimes it has affected his life very much. So, if a guy does what he wants in such an honest way, I wouldn`t speak of a copy of Finntroll. I think there are no intentions to copy anyone in Korpiklaani. They do exactly what they want to do and that`s respectable.

T > Can I ask you (=Henu) one more serious question? I heared that you did not want to play with Equilibrium in Germany at any festival, because you  think they are a “christian shit band”. Does this contain any truth?

V > There has to be said one thing about this guy (=Henu). He easily says everything that comes to his mind right away. So there can be very harsh comments.
H > I speak before I think.
V > He really doesn`t mean that in a bad way.
H > That “christian shit band” I was referring to was GRAVEWORM, not Eqilibrium.

T > Are Graveworm christians?

H > The guys make lyrics in which they talk about Jesus and angels and stuff like that. And then all the other band members go like: “I don´t know anything about these lyrics. It´s only our dummer who does that…” And that kind of attitude is just sucking. I mean, everyone in the band should stand behind the lyrics and the message they bring forward to the people. If the band say, they have nothing against christian lyrics, then I consider them as christians. Besides I think their music is crap.

T > So you see no chance for you to play on a festival where bands of both “sides” play together?

H > If we are to play at the same festival with Graveworm, so help us God… hahaha… 

T > And what about Equilibrium? They are playing later today. Will you watch their gig?

H > Yeah, I actually will watch their gig.

T > As I´ve talked to some of them before and they wonder if you would have a look, as (like I told you before) they of course heared those rumours that it was you (= Henu) saying you`re not gonna play with them and therefor one of their gigs was cancelled.

H > Actually, let´s make one thing clear. Whatever band, Finntroll or Moonsorrow, any of these bands can not do anything about other bands’ gigs. Of course we can`t stop anyone from playing. Or course if they are in the running order, they will play and we have nothing to say about it. But actually I don`t know about these rumours at all. I never considered them as christians. And I hope really they aren´t !!

((Explaination for the readers: In April 2004 Equilibrium were said to play as a support act in Munich at the gig with Amoral, Naglfar and Finntroll. But a few hours before the gig Equilibrium were cancelled and then the rumour popped up that the reason for this was Henu/Trollhorn not wanting to play with them as they are christians. But as proven now in this interview, it was indeed only a rumour. At least Henu has nothing to do with it.))

T > What`s your (=Henu´s) part in Moonsorrow?  Do you take part in the songwriting? Or do you just play what the others have written? 

H > Yeah, I write about 75 % of the music. That`s my part. We all have different parts.
V > And I write the lyrics. That`s mine.

T > Now to the not so serious part of the interview! Which instrument do you think sounds so terrible that it should be banned from the Metal scene?

H > That dark whistle that all the middle-age bands use, that sounds like … (Henu makes terrible noises that sound like a duck). I don`t know the English name.

T > What was the most crazy fan reaction you ever got?

V > There was one girl who has sent a love letter to Mitja. Like she`s crying herself to sleep every night and stuff like that.
H > I never did get love letter.
V > Me neither… hahaha… we`re not so lovable.
H > Yeah.

T > What do you like or don´t like in the other band members of Moonsorrow?

H > I can´t name which part I like in anyone, but I can say which part I don´t like. For example Marko could be really pissed off, he sometimes just is in a bad mood. And Ville is sometimes too drunk and messes up things.
V > Haha.

T > Do you play when you`re drunk?

V > If I were that drunk up on stage as I am usually after the show, I don´t think I could play. But I don´t drink much before the show. That`s how it should be with every band member that we don´t get drunk before.
H > Yeah, it´s like crappy if you see your favourite band being totally wasted on stage, that`s crappy.

T > What do you (=Ville) hate in him (=Henu)?

V > Well, his comments. Like I said before, it´s sometimes a bit too… ahm…
H > …harsh!?!…
V > Harsh, yeah.

T > And what do you love in him?

Both: Everything!
V > Much love! Haha. Seriously, I like all the band members and that´s important. I don´t think that I could ever find a band again with such good chemistry between the band members.
H > We are all best friends to each other.
V > We´re hanging around in our sparetime, you know.
H > We´re a band which consists of friends, which is very fortunate.

T > Okay, now I´ll tell you some band names and you tell me in 2 or 3 words what you think about them!


H > Gods! Friends!
V > Yes, very good band. Actually, as funny as it sounds, Thomas as my friend is like one of the reasons why I started this vocal thing. He´s been my idol.
H > Very very good band and nice guys.

T > Megadeth.

H > Christians! ((common laughter)) I don´t like Megadeth! I never liked them.
T> Have you heared about them cancelling Dissection’s gig at that festival in Israel recently?
H > Yeah. Fuck them! Fuck them in a really really really big deal.
T > And when they both played at FuryFest in France a few days ago, I heared Megadeth brought several bodyguards with them, because Dave was afraid of Jon.
H > So, a christian band is afraid of evil Satanists.
T > What would you do if any band would have cancelled YOU from a festival?
V > Then we wouldn`t play, simply, and make a statement about it.
H> And gather anyway and get wasted.

T > Unleashed.

H > Gods! One of my favourites! Wonderful band, they rule.

T > Stratovarius.

V > The masters of unbelievably crappy lyrics.I have heared the new Stratovarius album, and … oh my God. There´s nothing wrong with the music in that sense, I don´t listen so much to them myself, so I can`t comment, but the LYRICS are BAD.

((Here`s the point when a woman of the festival staff interrupted us, as interviews have to be held at the signing session point, and not at the place we've been. So half way when already leaving there was only one more question possible.))

T > Okay, last question: will there be any special surprises at the gig tonight?

V > We`ll see, haha.
H > There`ll always be something.
V > Probably about Mitja. He will surprise us as well.
H > We never plan it. We are not that kind of band like Finntroll or like… whatever… make some kind if musical joke on stage. We try to be more serious….

((As I said, the interview was interrupted… which is unfortunate, as I had some more questions, but oh well… at least I had this short chance to get a little insight, … after that I could enjoy their gig at the festival even more. See “Metal Bash” festival report for more photos!))

Moonsorrow at Metal Bash 2005:

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