Interview partner: M Sorgar (vocals)
questions by: Twilightheart
time: February 25, 2008 (via e-mail)

As Endezzma will play at the Storm of Destruction festival in May 2008 (supported by Sheol Magazine) and of course  because their music is outstanding ( "Love me morbid" ranges among Twi's favourites), we felt like we need to know more about the band. M Sorgar took out some time to answer a few questions.

Twi > You just released your first MCD ”Alone”. But you have already performed live in 2006 (and maybe before, too?). Please update us on the history of the band. How did it happen that you appeared live one year before introducing yourself with a MCD?

M > The cult known as Endezzma was brought to life in late 2005. Basically it was a renewed entity of my old band Dim Nagel, a band that existed back in 1994-1996.
We started out with rehearsing some old songs while we gathered new members and wrote new material. I’ve been involved in the scene for many years through bands and my record label and used my contact’s to book some concerts at an early period. It’s not that common maybe in the extreme metal scene to play much live before you release something, but when you got the opportunity I think it’s of great promotional value for the band.

Twi > How were you received by the live audience in 2006? Did they notice the band members of the other bands you are mixed of? Did it maybe even give you a better start to have them in the band?

M > At an early period of a new band it’s of course of a certain benefit to have experienced and already established musicians in the band, it’s a deniable fact. Of course concert promoters etc. used that to promote us since there were no other musical preferences at that time. I was not afraid of that since our music is really diverse from the members other bands and I knew our expression and sound would soon make Endezzma incomparable to those other acts. We did get very nice critics from the gigs we did before the release of the MCD though.

Twi > Was it you who chose the others to join Endezzma? Why exactly them? Please introduce the others and tell us about their skills qualifying them to be in the band.

M > Yes, I asked some good friends to join the cult that I knew would suit the essence and fundament of the band. Trondr Nefas, an experienced and eminent guitarist and charismatic character which also is a first class song writer. Lars F.Frøysli, a multitalented musician who really play most everything of instruments to handle the piano works. Jontho, an experienced drummer. Diabolus, also a close friend and eminent guitar player and songwriter. Endekrist, a close friend and old drummer who also is a fine bass player. Everyone is actually musicians I can involve in the musical development and world of Endezzma, still knowing ”we all speak the same language”, not just fill the ranks, which were important for me.

Twi > By the way, how did you fill the playing time at the festival last year? Or did you have only 15 minutes playing time or something? You will have more playing time at the Storm of Destruction festival in May. How will you fill it? You have more songs finished than the 3 on the MCD?

M > We played around 30 minutes at the festivals last year, including a Kvist coversong. We have a lot of material around so that’s not a problem. Some songs back then was recorded on the MCD, other songs we played will be on the upcoming album. On Storm of Destruction festival we will play the MCD and highlights from the upcoming album. We could play a 90 minute set if that was the case, since all the material for the upcoming album is written and done.

Twi > How do you anyway enjoy the billing of the Storm of Destruction festival? Ain’t that good company, Ragnarok, Urgehal etc.? Do you know any of the non-Norwegian bands playing there? Maybe planning on watching any of their performances there?

M > I think it’s a strong billing for sure. Always good company with our allies in Urgehal & Ragnarok. Besides non-Norwegian bands I know The Stone from Serbia, together with Enthroned. If I get the time I will check out some of the other acts.

Twi > When can we expect a full-length album?

M > Actually it was set for being released in May/June, but it seemed to take some more time recording than initially planned, I don’t want to rush anything either. We must have the result 100% the way we planned it to be, so we must spend some more time... I think the label now work with September as the release period. We’ll at least have the album out before our European tour in the fall, that’s an important criteria for us.

Twi > Why did you actually release the MCD? Why not right away do a full length album, even if it needed more time?

M > Because we wanted to do a release last year, get some material out to a curious audience. And we needed material recorded to prove for the label that we was a band to give priority and economic resources, we needed to land a strong contract to be able to make the album just how we wanted it.

Twi > How come we got the promos right from the band? You’re doing the promotion for the album by yourself? (Or was it just because Claudia of Sheol-Magazine provided the photos for the booklet?) What about the record label concerning promotion?

M > The promotion work is all done by our label, Agonia records. I think 300 promos were send out upon the release of the MCD.  The label did a good job so far, the first press is sold out, we can’t really demand more.

Twi > A lot of musicians seem to come from Hønefoss nowadays. Is it the new "stronghold" of BM? Tell us something about the Metal scene in your hometown!

M > ”The Hønefoss Militia” has been a small but devoted circle for over a decade. Bands like Kvist, Urgehal, Vulture Lord, Dim Nagel, Tyrann, Beastcraft, Eswiel, Bloodsworn. A lot of strong tunes and extreme thoughts have been cut out of that giant. It’s not many new musicians popping up every now and then here, it’s much the same crusaders that been here since 1990...

Twi > How is ”Alone” received in your home country?

M > The response has been good from everyone. It’s usually not that easy to ”brake” with a MCD, but I think we got more response than we could have imagined, that of course initiate a urge to work even harder on the upcoming album, since we actually start to feel some expectations!

Twi > I actually can’t define Endezzma as Black Metal, the lyrics are not Satanic (which for me is a basic requirement to be defined as such) and the voice output is not growling as usual. How do you see your own music and is it rather with intention to use this different singing style?

M > Well the debate about what’s Black Metal and not have raged since early 90, and will still be a hot theme. But frankly you can call our music what the fuck you like, pop music if anyone cares!. It’s not of any importance for us. The music represents something unique for us and our expression and our message is the same, no matter if a fan or listener calls it Black Metal, Death Metal or Pop music! But as one may notice by reading and understanding our lyrics and consuming our music, it’s far away from any enjoyable ride! But it’s correct, our lyrics don’t include Satan or satanic in every second word, if that’s your criteria for categories Black Metal. And besides the dark forces in life works in mysterious ways. We like to create a certain intense atmosphere, sometimes disturbing and sometimes compelling. The vocal is a tool in that case, yes. Everything we do is with intention, besides being different suits me very well!

Twi > How do you practice this style of singing live? I believe on the record there’s technical support to make it sound like this? Won’t be so easy to have it sounding this way live, too? 

M > Its actually not much technical support on the vocal, believe it or not. I think it sounds pretty similar live, actually. Never heard anyone complained so far.

Twi > The lyrics in the 3 songs of the MCD ”Alone” are very resigning, hopeless, like if the writer feels very repulsive within his own life. What must happen to a human being to end up writing lyrics like this?

M > A human need to be born, experience life and grow some life-experience. Then every ”normal” human who not let one be captured by the religious hideaways and scapegoats will learn that life is as dark and eerie as only life can be. All religion is born out of the same fact, that life it’s so dark and negative in itself that you need a plastic curtain of pure nonsense to hide the fact, let’s call it Christianity for instance. Like that anyone can find some false meaning in life, like a heaven, a god, with white angels and soft beds of clouds! Well, I’ll scratch your record, pupeters!! Wake up! You won’t like what you see, but it's reality! Everything is just a matter of buying time to be happy right here and now, doing things, buying things, make love, just to cope with daily life and try to find a meaning with life. Is there a meaning with life, I don’t think so ,why is there any reason to believe so ?? We are all separate divided individuals, thinking on our owns best when all comes to pass, waiting to die and return to total darkness. Sorry to let you all down…

Twi > Do you consider Endezzma as a real band? Or only a temporary side project, trying something new? You wanna continue for long, if there is a demand for your music? I am asking because I am wondering about the late point of time for the birth of Endezzma (including live performances) because (sorry for expressing myself like this) some of the band members are not the youngest anymore. Is it actually an essential feeling/need for you to be able to play live?

M > Nope we are not 14 years old boys flirting with the obscure. We have band members from 25-33, you need some experience and weight in life to make the real deal and know the true essence. I rather see that as a strong element. With our background and experience we rather jumped over some barriers that would have taken us longer to get pass if we were a young band. We are here because this is our life, this is what we need to do, not just a teenage flirt with the darkside! We are the dark side! And if we are still alive and care to bring this machine going for 20 years, we’ll do it! Besides we don’t make music concerned on the demand.
And yezzz, Endezzma is a real band with a high priority and clear goals. If anyone gets in the way of Endezzma’s future goals because of their other bands and projects, they get fired and exchanged! Simple!

Twi > What does the band name Endezzma stand for?

M > It’s an eerie state of death.

Twi > The lyrics of the MCD are indeed full of deeply negative emotions, but they are completely non-spiritual. Are you a non-spiritual person? What are the main values in your life and/or believe?

M > Yes, I’m a non-spiritual person. Many claim that they have seen the light; perhaps I have seen the darkness!  Like stated earlier, I have more a realistic view upon life, I sometimes wish I also could blend my eyes and walk the christian mile of hypocrisy , liars and forgery and carry that dumb smile, walking around as a zombie believing everything is so fucking bright! But unfortunately I’m not capable. Most of my values and believes could be read through my lyrics. You also probably find elements and some of the same values that you would find in real Satanism, but I feel Satanism and its matters have been much misinterpreted and would not like to be categorized under such flattering means. I’m not into the god and Satan phenomenon. I walk my own dark journey towards the end, in my life I am the one. It is I who am the all, and to me the all extends!

Twi > The cover of ”Alone” is rather drab and dreary. Are you aware of this? Who came up with the idea for a cover like this? What does it symbolize? Or is it all rather meaningless?

M > The dreary dark cover art was something I wanted, and I’m really satisfied with it as well. I got a photo artist to help me out and the end result just matched by visions. The drab and dreary suits the music perfectly! Its ravens, and they are escaping, something is going on! And remember, nothing is meaningless, except life!

Endezzma live 2007:


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