Twilight of the gods

Interview partner: Patrik Lindgren/ guitar
questions by: Twilightheart
time: March 18, 2010

TWILIGHT OF THE GODS are a new Bathory tribute band, formed by Alan (Primordial), companied by other well-known musicians such as Frode Glesnes (Einherjer), Blasphemer (Mayhem), Patrik Lindgren (Thyrfing) and Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir). The band will perform their first ever live gig at the Metalfest in Austria in May 2010.
Alan has talked to the media already about his reasons to form this band. Therefore, it's about time to ask some other member how he ended up in this project, Patrik (Thyrfing) in particular, at least for a few basic questions. Here we go.

Sheol > In a previous interview Alan has revealed the reason why he founded "Twilight of the Gods" and what "Bathory" means to him. What is YOUR personal reason to take part in this band and how did you feel when Alan asked you to join?

Patrik > It was an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. Playing cover songs has never really been my bag, but the epic albums of Bathory belong to my personal favourites, and when the opportunity came to do this with devoted people under good circumstances … it’s just something you can’t turn down. The albums that this live project is focusing on are definitely on my top shelf and it has always been a great influence and inspiration for Thyrfing as well.

Sheol > Do you know any of the other members (besides Alan) or have you worked with any of them before?

Patrik > Besides Alan I have met Frode briefly at a couple of festivals, but I haven’t known or worked with any of the other members before. Judging from the conversations we’ve had this far, everything feels very promising and I’m sure it will work out just fine.

Sheol > How are the preparations going on? Do you meet to rehearse with each other? Or is anyone practising his parts on his own?

Patrik > We will meet and rehearse for a few days. I think it would be hard to make a good performance with this kind of music without some proper rehearsals together before the shows.

Sheol > Do you think Quorthon would appreciate people doing tribute gigs for him? I believe he was more a person who didn’t support any hero worshipping. 

Patrik > I don’t know really, but I hope so. And I don’t see these shows as “hero worshipping” of a single person, rather homage to the music and work of art created by this person. The fact that Bathory always was – creatively speaking – a one man show, doesn’t mean we are doing this to put somebody on a pedestal as a person. 

Sheol > No one would deny that Bathory's influence on the first Black later Pagan metal scene was incredible. How do you see it? Was his role so important indeed? Do you think the metal scene would have developed into a total different direction without the existence of bands like Venom, Bathory, etc.?

Patrik >  Who can say for sure …? As many of the Bathory albums were ground breaking and original, they will always be regarded as classics – just as any other pioneering bands in any musical genre. And bringing this even further, none can say the epic Bathory albums would sound the same if it wasn’t for  “Into Glory Ride” and “Hail to England” … I can’t speak for others, but I think that such differentiated albums as “The Return…..” and “Hammerheart” both can be regarded corner stones in many band’s musical foundation.

Sheol > There seems to be a tremendous hype around this new band project. You are announced as the ultimate headliner for the Metalfest Austria, for instance. How do you deal with the pressure? Are you afraid that you cannot live up to the expectations of the audience in the end?

Patrik >  I am sure that regardless of how it turns out, some people will be disappointed in some way. People will always have different criterions on what it means to “make justice” to these songs. For me, it’s always been a dream to see these musical pieces in a live environment, and I just hope that we can pull it off in a way that is satisfactory both to ourselves and the audience.

Sheol > For you in particular: what makes the magic in Quorthon's songs, especially the “Viking” songs? What do you feel when listening to the songs of the “Twilight of the Gods” album for instance?

Patrik > That is something which is hard to put into words … to me it’s mostly about the overall feeling. These albums never had the best guitar sound, the most razor sharp riffs or the ultimate production, but you can hear that it’s made with a strong vision in mind and with a good thinking of “the whole picture”. It’s rather be seen as a full experience, than to be judged from fragments here and there … “Twilight of the Gods” is to me the most complex and epic Bathory moment. The overall atmosphere and attraction is simply incredible.


Patrik live on stage:


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