Interview with Hellcommander Nattefrost/ May 21, 2006

I (Twi.) never really thought about asking for an interview with Nattefrost, as I heared several times how difficult it is to talk with him. But after the Carpathian Forest gig in Munich, May 21, 2006, when I saw him passing by, I thought to myself: "Now or never, let's give it a try!" So I just asked. And he said “Yes, follow me”. Oh damn! And I was NOT prepared at all. Luckily Claudia was with me, she`s been a long time fan of Nattefrost. So we had this spontaneous chat with him in the tourbus … don´t expect anything special from our questioning!

N = Nattefrost
T = Twilightheart
C = Claudia

C > It was a perfect show today. I was in Ludwigsburg on Tuesday, but today it was even a little better.

N > Was you there?

C > Yeah.

N > Yeah, it was okay too. For me it was good.

T> And how is the tour going anyway?

N > It`s okay. Last tour I was singing in women`s clothing and I think I´ve fucked a bit. So, now it`s better. As a band we play better, and I enjoy better to be on stage. I always hated to be on stage in the past.

T > Is the crowd always as crazy as it was in Munich today?

N > Yes. Today is okay for us. We have experienced better. But today is the amount of craziness I need to perform, because it´s a feedback of energy, you know.

T > You have a really good contact with the audience actually. You smoke their cigarettes, you drink their beer during the gig…

N > I skål with them and I share my alcohol with them, yeah, I drink a lot… and I´m more sober on this tour than I´ve ever been, so… even if I drink…

T > What`s the reason for that? Not enough alcohol in the bus?

N > I want to be alive, I want to feel something. It gives me some sort of adrenalin. But I don´t remember the shows I do too. I only remember 15 % of each concert or something like that. Because I´m somewhere else. And if someone would approach me on stage, like to have a fight or to try to cut me up or something, it´d be fucking nasty. Because… I´m a nice guy… but it would be ugly if something would happen on stage, because…. just with the spikes and all.

T > And you like to put out the cigarettes on your own arm?

N > Yes. The sado-masochistic  stuff… that`s between me and myself… it´s something that I do just to feel SOMETHING.

C > Do you feel the pain when you do it?

N > No, nothing. I can feel a bit after it, because there are those yellow burn marks and in bed it sticks to the sheets. But that`s it. 

T > How was the success of your “Terrorist” release?

N > Good, very good. I did it when there was very little happening with Carpathian Forest, because we haven`t done stuff for 4 or 5 years. That`s why I´ve done some Nattefrost shit, and I´m still doing it. I will release a split-CD, a very exclusive one, a split with Isengard, with unreleased stuff from Isengard. It´s a folk album, just singing with clean voice, like folkish. I love the musical work of Fenriz, as he´s a good guy. 

C > Will it sound a bit like “Storm” maybe?

N > Yeah, but a little bit more stoner rock, more Black Sabbath, more like doom.

T > Did you have any possibility to watch the gigs of the support bands of this tour? Do you like them?

N > Yeah, I like this tour better than the previous one, because on the previous one I was not so healthy. I was so sick, and I hated the other bands on the last tour. except from “Tsjuder”. And this time, “Keep of Kalessin”, I really like them a lot, and the other bands, too. “Bloodthorn” was with us for a while, and “Hate” too. I don`t like to speak of other bands, either bad or good, but I make an exception since they are on my tour.

T > This action of you, when you did that photo in the bath tub in your own shit… would you do that again nowadays?

N > It´s like “Do you cover yourself in shit each weekend?” -  “No!” I wasn´t fucking healthy then, I was on a lot of heroin, and I need to say that loud, to kill the rumours about that kind of shit. I wasn´t so healthy one year ago.

T > I heared about this picture that you just wanted to have the most ugly picture that ever someone had of himself.

N > No, I wasn´t feeling so good then. And if you see all the stuff I did for the last 2 years or something, it´s just insane shit.

T > That guy (photographer) contacted you? 

N > Yeah, it´s taken from Peter Beste and he´s a good guy. So we had this agreement like “I can use this picture and he can”. He´s an extreme photographer and we play extreme music. There`s the same agreement with him and Gorgoroth too, or something. Anyway, I´m a different person now than a year ago.

((you can see the mentioned photo on !))

T > What caused that change?

N > I died. I was dead for 2 and a half minutes. I was dead, I was blue. I was on heroin. 

T > And that made you rethink your life?

N > Yep. I really tried to think before that tour and afterwards. I have not been so nice after that tour, but it´s getting better and better. But I have to say that out loud because I want to kill the rumours. Because there`s so much stupid stupid stupid fucking rumours out there. So it´s better to tell the truth.

T > So, how would you describe yourself, if you think that people see you wrong?

N > I am fucking grim when I´m ON something. 

T > Is there a musical inspiration for the Black Metal you make?

N > No, I don`t like BM myself. I listen to every kind of music axcept from BM, so…

T > Why do you play it then?

N > It gives me something. It´s like a ventil. I started with this in 1991, it´s a long time ago. So, it´s still the same, like when I was 16, 17 years old. I haven`t changed, but developed.

T > So, that sounds like you´re not gonna give this music up in the near future.

N > No. We have a new album more or less. It´s partly recorded, so we will finish that one. But maybe we will stop doing corpse paint in the future. Because it´s not the corpse paint that does the music. It´s the music… you know… I´m just so tired of the corpse paint.

T > So why do you still use it now then?

N > Because we`ve done it all the time.

T > Does the new album contain some new ideas or surprises?

N > More Rock`n’Roll and less keyboards. I think the new album is good, for me it´s very good, because I told you for me it´s like a ventil, it helped me to release energy… like the drawing on the cover, I made that when I was very sick, like a therapy. Because I couldn´t write the lyrics for it. Most is taken from the bible, even the paint on the cover.

C > On the CDs, when someone is pissing and shitting, is that really you?

N > Yes, all the time.

C > How do you record something like that?

N > We bring a fucking microphone to the toilet and we do it there. I´m a fucking egocentric, I love to hear myself pissing or shitting or whatever. Is that okay for you?

C > Yeah.

T > Do you need that kick to get all the attention, like also with the Terrorist release to do a cover that would get censored?

N > Everything I do is like a diary. It´s the state I´m in whenever I´m doing it. I´m a very honest person, I´m fucking open and frank. And now I´m much better and people call me “poser” right now, because I´m in better health or whatever. Fuck! Fuck it! I´m still the same menthally. But I don´t need to be sick or whatever. I do whatever I do…





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