Korpiklaani - Munich/ Germany, Oct. 18, 2006 - photo report

(scroll down!!)

Fan outside the gig venue :-)

The band is in the right mood right from the beginning:

 And the fans are dancing and moshing right from the beginning:

Jonne is hoarse, so some more intrumental tracks & long soli are being played today:

... wild jumping and headbanging included....

The fans are still dancing and jumping like crazy:

... and Metal Twin Tea right among them... wearing the correct outfit ;-)

Every musician is giving his best:

And the party goes on:

Vocal support is welcome:

The mood gets happier every moment:

....it was packed... 

No, it's not Cane... just Jonne with Cane's hat :-)

...he had to give it back of course... ;-)

Jonne donates several bottles of beer before "Beer Beer" starts:

.... and makes the audience wet :-)

One more > "Let's drink":

The gig is coming to it's end... but not without some encores:

 And there's the final handshake:

And some little meet & greets outside... here's Sheol-Magazine guest writer Claudia with Jonne:


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