Minas Morgul - Studio report

by Twilightheart

During the week from July 19 to 27, 2009 the German metal band MINAS MORGUL entered the "Helion" studios in Munich, Germany, to record their new album „Eisengott“ („God from iron“). 
Therefore the band took a flight from Berlin to Munich (yet without their vocalist) and started building up the drum set. On Monday they soundchecked (drums, microphones, etc.) and starting from 2 p.m. the recordings for drum and bass took place at the same time (in different studio rooms). 
The “Helion” studio owner has recently bought a second house (right across the old studio, which is still being used) and has several new recording rooms in there. Apart from that there are several offices (the Helion metal festival is being planned therein), a luxorious kitchen, rooms for graphicists (as the Helion group offers complete packages, from design to composing etc. > more information at heliongroup.com), conference rooms and much more. 
On Tuesday the drum recordings were finished and half of the guitar recordings took place. Both guitars were recorded simultaneously (the guitarists heared themselves in the monitor boxes, signals being sent right into the recording program of the computer). The guitars were recorded clean, so later on they had to be re-amped. Meanwhile the producers started postprocessing the drum recordings. 
On Thursday singer Rico flew in by plane. Still the same day he got down to half of the vocal recordings. On Friday the remaining vocal part recordings were finished. The studio crew kept on working on the rough mix of all instruments while the band used the evening to do some sightseeing in Munich and to enter some music clubs/pubs. 
On Saturday the bass and guitar tracks were checked once more and a first rough mix was finished (this one yet sounds better than the complete finished previous album of the band). The band obviously has matured a lot since the last album, musicwise and lyricwise (the lyrics are completely in German). I for my part am looking forward to the release of the album. 
Here are some visuals from the time in the studio:

Drum recordings with Andreas:


Bass recordings, sitting on a comfortable couch:




For those who don't need to work, there's a Playstation and a big screen... a service that is taken advantage of quite often:


Christoph (from the Helion crew) is a born clown:


Finally: The "Sheriff" ( =official nickname of the studio owner > on the photo down front) gets the photo he requested... 
showing the whole band and the two present Helion crew members in the new reception area of the new building:


The graphic artists have their own office:


Minas Morgul are having a beer in the new conference room:


Decoration on the heating in one of the offices:


Guitar recordings with both guitarists (and Christoph, in his position as the recording manager):


Being photographed is tempting both guitarists to do excessive posing ;-)


A new room for DVD and film processing:


Vocal recordings with Rico:



Another photo with band and crew ... requested by the Sheriff/ studio owner:


The guitars have their own couch:


Weekend: One of the Helion's graphic artists owns a club. Great! That's where the day ends. 



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