Print magazines (worldwide) and others I photograph for from time to time;
latest issues only (and some older interesting examples), here are the photos and reports that I provided:

"LUCIFER RISING" issue September 2011 (Brazil's no.1 print mag for Metal), 
page 17, Gorgoroth studio report (text and photos):

"LUCIFER RISING" issue September 2011 (Brazil's no.1 print mag for Metal), 
pages 6 to 13, Bathory special (words only):

Detail (headline):

"REQUIEM" issue January 2011 (Argentinia's no.1 print mag for Metal), 
page 8 + 9, Gorgoroth studio report (text and photo):

"ZERO TOLERANCE" issue December 2010 (Great Britain's second biggest print mag for 
extreme metal), page 9, Gorgoroth studio report (text + photos):

"VISIONS" (one of Germany's biggest print magazines for alternative music)
 issue no.165, photo of Marky Ramone, A4 size
(page 22 beside the Marky Ramone interview):

5 live photos for EQUILIBRIUM's album "Turis Fratyr" (re-release by Nuclear Blast):

all band photos for the "Eternity" album by AZAMOTH (from Israel):

"Zero Tolerance" issue no. 20, page 12, Shining photo:

"TERRORIZER" no. 167 (Great Britain's biggest print mag for extreme Metal), page 27, A5, 3 photos of Skitliv:


"METAL & HARD ROCK HAMMER" Hungary (biggest print mag for Metal from Hungary);
 issue no.184, page 103, photos of Naglfar and Dark Funeral:

2008 metal calendar from "Cold Spring", photo of Skitliv (see calendar cover below, left side, on top):

Flyer for the TURISAS tour, live photo:

and many more... if you need metal photos of any kind, contact me at !