Wacken Open Air 2013

- some private photo impressions -

Part 1: Thursday + Friday


Coming close:

Almost there...

Stuck in the mud right away on the campground - but nice fans did help immediately:

Entrance still closed:

All these people want to get in:

Security is preparing:

Still almost everything's empty inside:

And here they are: the diehard fans that immediately went to the first row to wait 7 hours until Rammstein would play:

Small stages everywhere, bands playing all the time:

Deep Purple did rock the place on Thursday:

The crowd now anxiously waited for Rammstein:






Yes, Heino....


And now to something completely different on the Headbanger's Stage in the tent:

Naglfar played a killer gig in extreme heat and even though their instruments got lost and they 
had to borrow some from an other band.

Next day: Ihsahn played a great gig on the Black Stage:

All food would melt in the heat of the day, even sweets:

And then there was this half an hour gig of Motörhead.... maybe the last ever???

As in the infield it was packed, we watched the gig on a screen in a corner of the area, relaxing on the meadow:

The same we did with the Doro gig, including all her many guests on stage:



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