No... our long-hair-wonder Wiebke isn´t Dutch, she`s German ... she just occasionally likes to run around at festivals with the Dutch flag! ;-)


Name: Wiebke Essert
Age: 27
Gender: female
Location: Northern Germany

Sheol Magazine staff member: from June '05 - January '07/ guest writer since February '07
Specialized in: Finnish bands
Responsible for: concert + festival reports (covering especially the Northern part of Germany), reviews

In own words:
"In 1995 I got in touch with Metal fort the first time in my life. I saw the German Thrash Metal band Dew-Scented at the Schwarmstedter Open Air. They were very loud and for me they sucked. After that I didn´t give a thought about that kind of music for a long time.
Then in 1998 I read in an interview that Peter Tägtgren wanted to split up Hypocrisy. I never heard a song of them before, but I wanted to see them. So I asked a friend who was into that music and we went to Osnabrück and joined the band in a package with Night In Gales, Children Of Bodom, The Kovenant and Benediction. I liked all bands except Benediction and I had hurting neck-muscles for the first time in my life!
After that concert I was infected with Metal. Sometime later I listened to bands of almost every kind of Metal. But my special love goes out to bands from Finland. Now bands like Amorphis or Sentenced belong to my alltime favourites. But I don´t let limitate myself to only one style!
Music plays an important role in my life, but I also like things like travelling to foreign countries, taking pictures or reading a good book."


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